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A barrage of over 200 rockets have fallen on Southern communities

MDA Student Feedback

Once again, Victoria University Paramedic Students travelled abroad to Israel for 3 weeks of intense training with Magen David Adom in Israel. They completed 224 shifts on road with 29 cardiac arrest cases, 2 babies delivered, 74 life threatening cardiac arrhythmias, a number of traumas, and many other cases. The group in my [...]

MDA’s motorcyclists who save lives

As part of Magen David Adom's ongoing efforts to shorten response and the arrival times of its teams, the emergency medicine technicians (EMTs) and paramedics arrive on scene to events using various means of transportation, starting from the well-known ambulances and mobile intensive care units, through helicopters, electric bicycles and the Mini-Electrical Response [...]

Charidy Campaign March 2017

Charidy Campaign March 2017, enabled the purchase of a 4 x 4 Ambulance stationed in Jerusalem. Thank you to all our generous donors who made this possible.

Appeal Launch

DATE: Wednesday 30th August – 7.30pm VENUE: The International-Brighton, 81 Bay Street, Brighton BOOKINGS Tel: 9272 5633  or click here ENTRY: $54 SEATING: Theatre Style

Israeli E.M.S. Organization Dramatically Reduces Time It Takes to Provide Stroke Victims With Crucial Hospital Treatment

Magen David Adom establishes protocols to provide awaiting doctors with comprehensive patient data before ambulances arrive to hospital, eliminating need for some diagnostic tests and enabling physicians to begin lifesaving interventions immediately. Jerusalem (March 28, 2017) — Israel’s national EMS service has dramatically reduced the time before stroke victims receive potentially lifesaving hospital treatment by [...]

Heartbeat – February 2017

The latest edition of Heartbeat (Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia Divisions) is available to download - Click Here

A pre-Hanukkah miracle

A pre-Hanukkah miracle occurred when a first responder to the scene of an automobile accident saved the life of a baby who had stopped breathing. Magen David Adom (MDA) medic Nachman Levi described the sequence of events that occurred after he received the call about an accident. "When I arrived I began to provide treatment [...]

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