Wish Ambulance

Magen David Adom Australia WISH Ambulance!

In 2019 we raised over $360,000 as part of our Beyond a Wish Campaign to purchase a new WISH Ambulance for Magen David Adom

After many set backs and delays due to COVID-19, the WISH Ambulance is finally in Israel & ready to grant wishes to those who are terminally ill or those burdened by illness & injury.

Everyone involved with the WISH Ambulance gives of their time and expertise voluntarily ensuring there is no cost to the user regardless of race, religion, gender or means.

The new WISH Ambulance dedication took place at the גן גורו – Gan Garoo Zoo (The Australian Zoo in Israel) recently where it was met with a baby joey!

Thank you to our incredible sponsors & donors for supporting this project!

The WISH Ambulance Initiative is an MDA project based on a Dutch model aimed at alleviating pain by giving hope.  It is a project that goes above and beyond the everyday emergency work of MDA, utilising our skills and expertise to fulfil the wishes of seriously ill Israelis, giving them hope in their darkest days.  The compassion at the heart of this voluntary and completely free (to the patient) service, is closely linked to the humanitarian and Jewish values that are the basis of Magen David Adom’s activities.

The volunteer WISH Ambulance team eases the suffering of the sick, injured or terminally ill by allowing  them to experience joyous family occasions, visit family & friends, meaningful places, or do simple everyday activities that otherwise would be out of reach.

The WISH Ambulance is unlike an ordinary ambulance.  The vehicle is built on a custom made, reinforced and wider chassis allowing room for appropriate care/supervision.  It also includes a monitor defibrillator to respond to any cardiac issues, a specially equipped medical fridge, a shock-absorbent bed, state of the art audio-visual equipment and an all-terrain wheel chair.  The WISH Ambulance is manned by highly skilled paramedics, EMTs and medical personnel.  Everyone involved with the WISH Ambulance gives of their time and expertise voluntarily ensuring there is no cost to the user regardless of race, religion, gender or means.

The WISH Ambulance offers maximum comfort and supervision ensuring the best possible experience for the patient while fulfilling their life affirming wishes.

The new WISH Ambulance will be on the road in 2020 and making granting many more wishes possible for Israeli’s.

Magen David Adom Australia’s 2019 Beyond a Wish campaign was to purchase a new WISH Ambulance, to make wishes come true for those who are seriously ill or immobile.  It heals the souls of patients and their families who are burdened by illness or injury, often making it impossible to enjoy life. On the 19th and 20th of June 2019 our “Give for Life” Day aimed to raise $300,000 in just 27 hours, to help us reach our goal: to purchasing a new Wish Ambulance. Our incredible community rallied together – and with 689 individual donors, we were able to raise an impressive $360,572. We would like to express a big thank you to all those who contributed, not only to our “Give for Life” Day, but to our Beyond a WISH Campaign. Of course, none of this would be possible without our generous sponsors:

  • The Eva & Les Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation
  • Tatarka Family in memory of Ron Tatarka
  • Fleiszig & Stern Families
  • Sonenberg Family
  • Gabby and Amanda Leibovich
  • Zelwer Family
  • Faiman Family
  • Tom & Karen Zafir and Madeleine Zafir
  • Bridge @ Blake
  • Dina & Ron Goldschlager Family Charitable Foundation
  • Joseph & Helena Frohlich West
  • Estate of Bernard & Edwarda Rottell
  • Dina & Mark Munzer
  • Lowe Lippmann Chartered Accountants
  • Caulfield Park Community Bank Branch (Bendigo Bank)
  • Gary Peer & Associates