MDA Australia Stations

Magen David Adom Australia has built 3 MDA Medical Emergency Stations in Israel thanks to our very generous donors.


Yokneam is an Emergency Community Facility consisting of MDA station, Fire Station and Police Station with no funding subsidy from the Government completed in 2009.

The nearest Hospital is Haifa, twenty minutes away from Carmel and Rambam. There are thirteen kibbutzim’, moshavim and many villages in the area that rely on the one station.

Yokneam belongs to the Carmel region.  The station is managed by Shimon Biton and is staffed by over 100 volunteers and 50 youth volunteers. The station volunteers provide training to the whole community, starting from fifteen years old in general first aid and CPR. The older children are trained to drive and escort the ambulances.

The station is run as a family unit, all helping one another with total support of the local council and entire community.

The nearest MICU is fifteen minutes away at Necher.

The station run’s 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With two Standard Ambulances and two MICU’s.

The ambulance bay is at the front of the building facing the road for quick response time. The building is a single story, 460 sq m construction with provision for a double story in the future. As the site is a historic, old British military base, the station was built in Old British Colonial Style.

Today, 2020 Yokneam is a thriving community with a very high IT industry.

Krayot 1988

The new building housing the Magen David Adom First Aid Station in the Krayot was officially opened on Tuesday 11th October 1988 providing first aid and emergency medical services to a total of over 180,000 people.

The station is located in Kiryat Motzkin, on a plot of land made available to MDA by the Israel Land Administration and the Kiryat Motzkin Municipality.  The station was donated by Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia

The modern, spacious building then enabled the opening of an MDA Mobile Intensive Care Unit Centre serving the Krayot and surrounding area.  It was staffed by 18 paid employees and 180 volunteers.

After 18 years the station had a complete renovation funded by MDA Australia bringing it up to today’s standards

Ramat Gan 1965

Built in 1965, the Ramat Gan Medical Emergency Station serves the cities of Ramat Gan, Givatayim and B’nei Brak – an area of around 400,000 people

In addition to providing emergency and first-aid medical services, the Station encompasses Magen David Adom’s Paramedic Training School which not only serves Magen David Adom personnel, but also trains Israel Defence Forces and other essential services personnel.

In 1998 Magen David Adom Victoria renovated the station from the generous estate of Serena and Alexander Ludwig. From then it became an Australian sponsored station

Thanks to the generosity of the Goldschlager Family the refurbishment of the paramedic training school was completed in 2010.

With over 500,000 people today Ramat Gan is a very busy station.