Dedications in Israel


Medicycle donated in loving memory of Michael Degen z”l


4 X 4 Ambulance donated In Loving memory of Dr. Nida


2 Blood Mobile Caravans generously donated by our 2021 Partners & Magen David Adom Australia supporters


Defibrillator located in Or Yehuda generously donated by the Wolf & Dora Rajcher Memorial Fund.


The Magen David Adom Australia WISH Ambulance generously donated by The Eva & Les Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation, Tatarka Family in memory of Ron Tatarka, Fleiszig & Stern Families, Sonenberg Family, Gabby and Amanda Leibovich, Zelwer Family, Faiman Family, Tom & Karen Zafir and Madeleine Zafir, Bridge @ Blake, Dina & Ron Goldschlager Family Charitable Foundation, Joseph & Helena Frohlich West, Estate of Bernard & Edwarda Rottell, Dina & Mark Munzer, Lowe Lippmann Chartered Accountants, Caulfield Park Community Bank Branch (Bendigo Bank), Gary Peer & Associates & The Magen David Adom Australia Community.

Defibrillators located in Ramat Gan generously donated by Family & Friends in honour of Josh & Jesse Slade for their Bar Mitzvah

Defibrillators located in Ashkelon generously donated by Mr Harry Cohney, Western Australia

Defibrillator located in Tiberius was generously donated by Dani & Arnold Mahemoff & Family

Defibrillator located in Kiriyat Ono generously donated by Janovic, Kleid, Lurie & Stub Families in memory of Les Janovic z”l

Defibrillator located in Jaffa was generously donated by Mark Holckner & Family

8 Defibrillators were generously donated in honour of Dina & Mark Munzer and are located in Tel Aviv (3), Ashdod (2), Acre, Kiryat Chaim & Kiryat Bialik


In loving memory of Lev Shtoltsenberg, Lily Shtoltsenberg & Michel Nandor Eytan


Presented to the People of Israel by Hirsh De Vahl Stone Charitable Foundation. Betty & David Mond.


Donated in loving memory of Lottie & Joseph Scharf-Dauber z”l and their son Ronald Scharf-Dauber z”l by their families in Israel Michael Scherf, Avner Scherf, Avraham Landau, Rivka Michael


Donated to the People of Israel by Les & Eva Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation, R & S Tatarka Family Charitable Foundation, A B Oxford Cold Storage Co Pty, Marlene & Abe Zelwer, Jesse & Anna Coppel, The Dina & Ron Goldschlager Family Charitable Foundation, Estate of John Maxwell Smith, The Jewish Community of Melbourne


In Memory of Eva Erdi


In Memory of Les Erdi


Donated by Sue & Jeffrey Appel & Family


Donated to the people of Israel by Vera & Abe Dorevitch


Donated to the people of Israel in memory of Nathan Hofbauer z”l & Malcolm Slonim z”l


Presented to the people of Israel in loving memory of Josephine Orya, passionate volunteer for 30 years


Presented to the people of Israel by Young Magen David Adom & Magen David Adom Australia


Presented to the people of Israel by Melbourne Beth Rivkah, Yeshivah, Mt Scopus Memorial, Leibler Yavneh Colleges, Kesser Torah Girls, Kesser Torah Boys & King David School. Sydney, Emmanuel College, Perth, Carmel School and local Jewish Communities Australia


In loving memory of Mark (Moshe) Munzer A proud Palmachnik


Presented to Magen David Adom by the Russian Jewish Community, Harris Family and Magen David Adom Victoria


Donated to the people of Israel by Lily Richman & granddaughter Tammy Dalley. Australia 2013


In loving memory of Walter & Alwynne Jona, devoted supporters of Magen David Adom throughout their lives. Victoria, Australia, 2013


MDA Victoria, MDA Western Australia, MDA New South Wales, MDA Queensland


Dezso Edelman – Doved Ben Passcle, Beer Erzserbet – Leah Bat Jacob, Loffler Jeno – Josef Ben Gabriel, Ceisler Jolan Loffler – Jachad Bat Elujuhu, Melbourne, Australia 2010


Presented to the people of Israel in loving memory of Danka Coppel for her untiring devotion and commitment to MDA Victoria by Michael, Michelle, Allana, Rachel, Jesse & Ella Coppel. Melbourne, Australia 2010


In honour of Nicholas & Ilona Marasco


Presented to the people of Israel from the Dorevitch Family. Melbourne, Australia 2006


Presented to the people of Israel – In memory of my wife Sarah Chana Rozencwajg and children, Yichiel Shlomo and Itzchak Meir. My brothers, Nathan & Moshe, my sister, Feifele and all my family who perished in the Holocaust. Donated by Sala (dec) and Benzion) Rozencwajg on the occasion of his 90th birthday. 6th August 2004, Melbourne, Australia


Presented to the people of Israel in loving memory of Pola Schmaltzbach. Melbourne, Australia