Humanitarian Aid

We see it as our duty to share our knowledge and expertise with any country in need, from practical help at the scenes of earthquakes in Haiti or Nepal, to reforming the ambulance service in Panama.

Serving as the Israeli Red Cross Society, Magen David Adom plays an integral role in offering humanitarian aid and assistance within Israel and abroad. Magen David Adom has sent dozens of humanitarian aid missions to help victims of natural disasters all over the world and are often the amongst the first on the scene to help victims of earthquakes and drought, air-crashes and terrorist attacks, fire and famine.

Magen David Adom leads the field of “Training of Trainers” in First Aid, and in recent years has run insightful courses for the Georgian Red Cross, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society and the Jordanian Red Crescent Society. Magen David Adom also participated in the Annual Italian First Aid Assembly and worked closely with Indonesia in an exchange of expertise.

Youth Delegations from Magen David Adom in Israel have taken part in exchange programmes with the Bavarian Red Cross Society and the Turkish Red Crescent. With the generous support of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Magen David Adom launched a seminar for young people from around the world, providing a deeper understanding of Magen David Adom, its mission and its place within the arena of international humanitarian projects. These experiences help to enhance understanding, foster co-operation, and build bridges between countries.


Here in Australia we assist local organisations and communities in times of need. In 2009 Magen David Adom Australia organised a Bush Fire Appeal for the victims of the Black Saturday Fires and collected canned goods, clothing & toys to provide to the communities who had lost everything.

In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic Magen David Adom Australia provided PPE & hand sanitizers to local aged care facilities.