Nechama Klajn
Participant from Melbourne, Australia is currently on her GAP year program in Israel and recently completed the MDA Overseas Program

Having only recently come out of lockdown and already experiencing the second wave of corona, the participants of IBC were very lucky to still have the MDA experience offered to us.
The 10 day training course flew by pretty quickly; every day we would have breakfast, class, lunch, class again and then dinner. Although some classes moved slower than others, each class had something to be learned from. We would improve our hebrew skills, practice CPR on life size dummies, learn more first aid skills and make new friends. The training course very quickly became not just a learning experience, but a social one too – with new friends being made, providing a breath of fresh air after 2 months of lockdown. The training course was ended with an exam which would decide if we were ready to join, and after all pf us successfully passed, we headed back to Tel Aviv to begin the next few weeks as a part of the MDA program.

The reason I decided to join the MDA volunteer program is because MDA teaches you more than first aid – it teaches you responsibility, empathy and offers you the ability to see people at some of the lowest points of their life and be in a position to help them. As I go on to these next few weeks volunteering within MDA, I very much look forward to the knowledge and personal growth I know I will gain from the experience.