Volunteer in Australia

Our volunteers help people to improve their lives, health and welfare. They make our communities more supportive, connected and inclusive.
There are many different roles available for Magen David Adom volunteers in Australia. Here are just a few things you can do to help:

  • call or visit vulnerable or elderly people;
  • assist at one of Magen David Adom’s targeted fundraiser events;
  • donate blood through Magen David Adom;
  • organise a Magen David Adom emergency resilience training event; and
  • donate goods to underprivileged families in Australia or overseas.

Volunteer overseas

We promote an overseas humanitarian relief volunteer program through the Israeli Ambulance Service. For more information, please contact us.

As a volunteer for Magen David Adom Israel, you will…

  • be trained in basic first-aid
  • receive certification as a Magen David Adom “First Responder”
  • be placed into an MDA Medical Emergency Station
  • working as an ambulance volunteer alongside Israeli volunteers and staff
  • work a 8-hour shift, 5 days a week

As a volunteer for Magen David Adom Israel, the Program will give you…

  • a comprehensive, accredited first-aid course in English
  • the experience of working with Israelis in an Israeli environment
  • hands-on first-aid and emergency-care experience
  • a taste of real life in Israel
  • insurance
  • 24-hour access to debriefing and counselling services
  • international friendships
  • adrenalin, adrenalin and, if that’s not enough – more adrenalin!

As a volunteer for Magen David Adom Israel, you need to…

  • be over 18 years of age
  • have a basic knowledge of Hebrew
  • be willing to spend at least 2 months in Israel