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August 2022 – Aryeh Myers visit to Perth

Aryeh Myers finished his Australia visit in Perth where he had 2 visits to Carmel School.

Aryeh addressed an assembly with years 7, 8 and 9’a talking about MDA and the importance of volunteering.
He also visited the Year 11’s at the Carmel School camp where we held a session on MDA and medical ethics.
We would like to thank the Carmel School for hosting Aryeh & learning about the importance of Magen David Adom.

November 2020 – Dedications in Israel

Defibrillators located in Ashkelon generously donated by Mr Harry Cohney, Western Australia

August 2019 – Uriel Goldberg visit to Perth.

Uriel spoke to a group of approx 40 retiree’s on Tuesday 6th of August and on Tuesday evening we had an open meeting which was well attended and he was very well received.

Wednesday morning we held a board meeting at my home with Uriel and it was extremely productive and motivating for everyone
After the meeting, Uriel met with the CSG who are planning the ‘First 7 minute’s’ training in a few months’ time led by Magen David Adom.

Board members names and titles

President: Wilfred Hirschfield
Vice President: Brenda Cohen
Hon. Treasurer: Helen Hatfield
Hon. Secretary: Rachel Cohen

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