UPDATE 28/11

Fires have devastated parts of Israel near Haifa, Jerusalem, and Modi’in the past few days. But Magen David Adom, Israel’s national EMS and disaster-relief service, has been saving lives – treating victims for smoke inhalation, evacuating people from their homes, providing aid to the displaced, and, in one case, rescuing a 3-month-old baby from a burning home.

Magen David Adom remains on high alert, activating additional ambulances and medics to respond to the crisis. But what our 15,000 EMTs and paramedics need most now though is you.

MDA Team have treated 60 people in Haifa who were lightly injured, one in moderate condition. 56 people have been evacuated suffering smoke inhalation All MDA regions have been placed on high alert MDA has over 1000 vehicles, 200 motorcycles operating due to the fires.