Noa Baker
Noah, an 18-year-old from Melbourne, volunteered for
Magen David Adom in 2017.



July 27, 2017

Our 10-day program with MDA is shortly coming to an end. The past 10 days have been intense yet eye-opening experience into what the volunteers and workers of MDA in Israel do. As well as providing insight into what everyday Israelis have to go through. It has made us realised what a privilege it is living in Australia.

It has given us the opportunity to connect and make friends with people in other countries such as Swaziland and Venezuela only to name a few.
We have all chosen to come to Israel on our summer break to volunteer and to help others in Israel. We begin each day at 8:30 and finish at 8:30 that night, however out night doesn’t end there, we gather in the lobby and sit with our new friends and leaders who have been incredible throughout this experience. The leaders have taught us not just the basic CPR but also the appropriate manner to talk to our patients.

Israel can sometimes be seen as a dangerous place but at the end of the day, Israelis are there for each other regardless of one’s religion and colour. It has really inspired us to look beyond one’s appearance and help those in need. We are both very excited to see what will come from this experience and what challenges rise during our Magen David Adom volunteering.

Written by Hanna Unger from Melbourne and Noa Baker from Melbourne