Emma L
Participant from Melbourne, Australia, May 2019 Overseas Volunteer Program Participant

Magen David Adom’s Overseas Volunteer Program was truly was an experience unlike no other; it’s not often that one has the opportunity to be the first on a scene and help treat patients firsthand.

Working side-by-side with Israelis in Jerusalem was a highlight itself, as was meeting such incredible people from all around the world. It’s actually crazy to think that we were on the ambulances, responding to calls in real time in the most dynamic and diverse country.

Prior to MDA, I wouldn’t exactly say I was accustomed to blood, yet quickly learned how to look past my own inhibitions therefore was able to approach cases with a holistic point of view. Learning from the most experienced medics and paramedics, I gained an appreciation for their ability to respond in a calm and dutiful manner whilst giving life-saving treatment; they were the most incredible mentors in all aspects.