blog_doron Doron Chester
A recent graduate of Sydney’s Moriah College
and a talented musician, Doron travelled to
Israel for his Hineini Shnat year and recognised
the importance of MDA within Israeli society.

August 2012

We were nervous, stressed, excited and already dripping with sweat and we hadn’t even received out first shifts yet! After ten intense days of the 60 hour MDA course in Jerusalem, 80 fresh overseas volunteers were ready to treat and take care of Israeli society.

Sydney participants were allocated to volunteer in the Ramat Gan station. The group was excited and eager as we began an extensive tour of the station. Some of us started straight away, literally hopping into the ambulance when the tour was over. Others, however, had to wait for the next week.

L-R: Ari Friedgut, Doron Chester, Alex Lips, Daniel Serebro

Our first shifts were all very exciting for a number of reasons:
(1) We finally got to be in the ambulance, with the siren on.
(2) We met the drivers and other volunteers.
(3) Some of us were on very interesting calls: CPR, heart attack and suicide.
We all came out of our shifts thinking about how important MDA is for Israeli society and how volunteers like ourselves can REALLY make a difference in Israel.