blog_daniella_maserowDaniella Maserow
Daniella, a 20 year old from Melbourne, volunteered for
Magen David Adom. She is amazed at the selflessness of
people – even at times of adversity.


April 2015


One of my stand out memories from MDA in Netanya was a Friday morning shift.

We were called to the fruit and vegetable shuk. When we arrived, we saw that an elderly woman had fallen and broken her leg while doing her shabbat shopping. She was an American who had made aliyah 10 years ago.

She was wearing an MDA hat and, on the ride to the hospital, proceeded to tell me all about how her friends in America had raised funds for an ambulance in Israel and about how much she admired what we do.

When we arrived at the hospital, she asked me to pass her mobile phone to her so she that could call her daughter. She went on to tell her daughter repeatedly not to worry about her, and that her greatest concern was that her husband and family must be taken care of for Shabbat and have food to eat.

I was amazed at how selfless this woman was and of the importance she placed on ensuring that her husband and family were still able to have a good Shabbat.