Basya Vorchheimer Basya Vorchheimer is a 19 from Melbourne, Australia who volunteered for Magen David Adom.

Here is what she had to say about her experience…

My name is Basya Vorchheimer I’m 19 from Melbourne, Australia.

My most recent shift included transporting a pregnant woman to rambam hospital, and transporting an old lady who had a big fall last week but didn’t realise she broke her arm because she’s paralysed in half of her body from a brain trauma she’s had for 17 years.

The other day when a few friends and myself were at the beach in Krayot, we witnessed gunshots to a man in his 30’s at a cafe nearby on the beach which we usually go to. As recently being trained with MDA and as we had just started our first week of MDA on shifts and calls, we rushed to the scene. A friend of mine quickly checked his pulse and blood pressure and cut open his shirt and attached a defibrillator to him. With people just surrounding the man who was shot in shock and with us having the prior knowledge of what to do in these situations thanks to mda we were able to provide assistance before the ambulance arrived.

Below is a photo of me and my friend Chloe Bettane from Perth, Australia. We are both on the Bnei Akiva Australia program called Limmud with other Australians and South Africans.