Adina Rahamim
Adina, a 21 year old social work and psychology
student from Melbourne volunteered for
Magen David Adom expressing her commitment
to MDA going back to when she was 8 years old.
She writes here about her experiences ….

January 2014


We were just about to finish our shift when we received a call to attend to a man who had collapsed on the stairs in an apartment block. We rushed to the location, putting on the ambulance siren.

When we arrived, we had to run up four flights of stairs and, just as we got there, the man stopped breathing and did not gave a pulse. I was told to run to get the reserve oxygen tank. Our team performed CPR on the man until the Mobile Intensive Care unit arrived. Finally, after about 30 minutes, someone called out that the man had started breathing.

Hearing those words, that he had been resuscitated, was an incredible feeling. We were so excited that we had helped in saving someone’s life.

The next day, one of the medics in our team visited the man in the hospital and was able to speak to him. It was amazing to hear he was doing well and had been given another chance at life.

I’ll always remember hearing those powerful words – “he is breathing”. It was an unforgettable day to be involved in the great privilege of saving someone’s life and to work with a such a committed and dedicated team.


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