Three killed and one injured in two separate terror attacks


The last few days have seen a sharp increase in terror attacks. On Shabbat, Shay Silas Nigreker, 60, and his 28-year-old son, Aviad Nir, were shot and killed at close range at a carwash inside the Palestinian town of Huwara. MDA and IDF teams administered immediate aid, but both died of their wounds.

Earlier today, Batsheva Nigri, a 42-year-old mother of three and a kindergarten teacher, and Aryeh Leib, a father of six in his 40s, came under fire in a terror attack while driving on Route 60, south of Hebron.

MDA paramedics and EMTs, alongside IDF medical teams, arrived quickly and initiated treatment. Nigri was pronounced dead at the scene, while Leib was in critical condition. Nigri’s 12-year-old daughter, who was also in the car, was unharmed despite 22 bullets being fired into the vehicle.

MDA Paramedics Netanel Yamin and Elyashiv Amitai, and MDA Senior EMT Benaya Weinberger were first on the scene.

“We saw a male and female with gunshot injuries,” Yamin said. “They were taken out of the car, with the woman unconscious. We provided lifesaving treatment and resuscitation, but unfortunately, we had to pronounce her deceased. The male was semi-conscious with gunshot wounds. We immediately moved him to the MICU and evacuated him in serious condition to Soroka Hospital.”

As Israel braces for what Prime Minister Netanyahu has called “a terrorist onslaught that is being encouraged, directed, and financed by Iran and its proxies,” we are especially grateful to the heroic men and women of Magen David Adom, who are constantly on high alert, ready to provide lifesaving care. And we are also very thankful to you, our supporters, who provide the ambulances, medical equipment, and supplies that make this kind of response possible.