New life emerges amid echoes of explosions

EMT Yarin Hayat with Maayan Greenberg and her new baby boy

August 16, 2022

One Israeli refused to adhere to the red alert sirens as hundreds of rockets were being launched into his hometown of Ashkelon. Baby Boy Greenberg was ready to come into this world, and nothing was going to stop him.

On Sunday, August 7, Maayan Greenberg, 32, went into labor. Surrounded by explosions and sirens, she dialed MDA’s 101 hotline and EMT Yarin Hayat answered the call. While an ambulance was dispatched, it was clear the birth was imminent.

With Maayan’s friend, Esther, at her side, Yarin guided Maayan’s son into the world. The ambulance arrived shortly after and evacuated mother and baby to Barzilai University Medical Center.

Last night, Yarin met Maayan and her baby boy. “I was very excited to meet Maayan and the baby in the hospital,” Yarin said. “Amid the tension and worry that accompanied the last few days, receiving a call about a birth was an exciting event of comfort and joy.”

Over the course of the three-day military offensive with Islamic Jihad in Gaza, MDA teams were on high alert. They treated and evacuated 47 patients who were injured by shrapnel, hurt while running to secure shelter, or suffering from severe stress.

“MDA teams worked day and night to help residents in the area and throughout the country during these tense days,” said Yarin. “Moments of this kind give us the fuel to continue doing everything to save lives.”