MDA volunteers light torches at municipal ceremonies across the country

Press Release


In conjunction with the torch lighting to end Memorial Day events and the open the 72nd Independence Day events for the State of Israel on Mount Herzl. Last night, as is done each year, ceremonies were held in cities throughout the country. In many places, MDA volunteers and employees were selected to light a torch in recognition of their efforts to treat the sick and injured and save lives in the State of Israel.

In Yeruham, MDA youth volunteer Shahar Alaluf (16) was selected to light a torch. Speaking at the ceremony, Shachar said: “I am proud to bring to light the torch in honour of the dedication, professionalism and humanity of Magen David Adom, which is at the forefront of the struggle for public health in Israel every day. More importantly, during the fight against the Corona virus.”

In Givat Avni, two MDA volunteers: EMT Dan Bokish (47) and MDA Senior medic Yakov Srur (64), both residents of the community were chosen.

Yakov Srur has been volunteering for MDA for the past 46 years, and for the past 15 years has been a member of the organization’s emergency motorcycle unit in which he quickly arrives to care for the sick and injured, using his MDA motorcycle. Yakov said at the ceremony: “I am honoured to light the torch in honor of the value of life, as it has been said, ‘He who saves one Jewish life saves an entire world’.” Dan Bokish added: “In honour of my friends, the rescue teams, who are working to protect the welfare of Israeli society during the epidemic and during routine times.”

In Kinneret, Shmuel Ohana (63), MDA EMT volunteer said at the ceremony: “I am honoured to light this torch on behalf of the medical and emergency teams, and to wish all residents of Kinneret and citizens of the State of Israel a happy Independence Day, and for the grandeur of the State of Israel”.

In Hatzor HaGlilit, an MDA senior medic Eden Gigi (24) was selected to light the torch on the eve of Independence Day. He said at the ceremony, “I light this torch in honour of all those who fulfil the highest commandment of saving lives. He who saves one Jewish life saves an entire world. ”

In Mitzpe Netofa, three MDA volunteers and employees were selected to light the torch on Independence Day: MDA Paramedic Ohad Porat (39) and EMTs Asaf Garby (42) and Hagay Weill (37). “We are honoured to light in this torch in honour of the employees and volunteers, members of the medical teams who symbolize the unity of the community and the people, who work long nights, holidays and Saturdays on shifts in clinics, emergency rooms and rescue vehicles. In honour of our brothers and friends, members of all denominations and all sectors, who are all fighting together against the pandemic that is attacking our world, and through which we will win with the help of God and with everyone. With each shift and every call, we face each other and face the difficulty, and succeed in bringing a smile and comfort to the patients and their families. On this Independence Day, we wish we would return to a healthy routine and focus on maternity transport and not on Corona patients. We are all hopeful that the medical teams will be able to return to routine soon. ”

MDA Director General Eli Bin: “Magen David Adom is proud of the volunteers who have been selected to light a torch in their hometown in recognition of their life-saving activities in the State of Israel. The assessment that MDA employees and volunteers receive is of great importance, especially during this period when the organization’s teams across the country are at the forefront of the Corona virus fight. “