Israel is under a ruthless attack

Israel needs a strong Magen David Adom!

A horrible massacre of innocent people, cold blooded murder of babies infants and children, entire families kidnapped, paramedics and medical staffs killed on their way to save lives.

MDA is at the front line. In the battle fields, right in the face of danger under missile attacks and Hamas’s heavy artillery. We strive for contact, take care of the injured under fire. We arrive quickly to help the injured in each and every location.

In each Kibbutz that has suffered severe missile barrage and terrible slaughter – it was the MDA’s crews who went in, under fire, to help rescue the families and give life-saving medical treatments to the injured.

More than hundreds of injured people in every Kibbutz, hundreds of injured people in Sderot and Ofakim, people who were injured by the missile attacks in Ashkelon, more injured at the northern border and many many more.

Innumerable number of heartbreaking stories about people begging for their lives, and of critical care staff as well as paramedics risking their own lives and souls to get to them, and help them.

As they leave their families behind, their crying children and worried wives, MDA’s entire staff is heading out to protect civilians, protect our country, our homeland and nation.

It is not an easy mission. MDA’s helicopter crew came under fire while continuing to give medical treatment to injured victims. Ambulance crews moved forward towards injured people while facing live fire, and an MDA paramedic defended trapped injured victims until her final breath. These horrific situations are so many, too many.

We operate with great dedication, out of love for human beings, love for our country and a strong will to defend and save lives for 93 years now, through all of Israel’s wars as well as in the “Iron Swords War”!

We are here to protect you at any cost, we will be here tomorrow, we will be here the day after tomorrow, and all days after that until peace and quiet will be restored in Israel.

We need you. We need donations for ambulances and medical equipment, for protective equipment and bandaging equipment that will help us save lives.

You can be part of the rescue teams and help us save more and more lives in this difficult time, while Israel is at war.