Amazing story showing MDA’s tremendous legacy

Celebrating 90 years of MDA

“My great grandfather, Dr. Leo (Yom Tov Lipman) Shpitzer, escaped Nazi Germany in 1939. During his first two years in the Land of Israel he couldn’t find his place as a doctor, but in 1941 he went back to being a doctor on a new Moshav, Hazor’im, near Poriya. He found the weather there uncomfortable, so Dr. Shpitzer moved to Tel Aviv to work temporarily as a doctor on MDA ambulances, a general doctor who specializes in deliveries. He continued to work as a family doctor until he passed away in 1950.”

His great grandson is Dovale Shachor, who works for MDA’s education and community’s department promoting community ambulances and driving Mobile ICUs. Today, Dovale continues the work his great grandfather started 72 years ago.

“I’m proud of my role within Magen David Adom, continuing the work of my great grandfather who was a pioneer in the State of Israel’s early days. Even today, 72 years later, it’s in his merit that I can promote and set up community ambulances across the country, allowing MDA to reach Israel’s entire population with the speed and professionalism that it has done now for 90 years. All in the merit of my great grandfather.”