Treating Corona with technology

The coronavirus pandemic poses a serious challenge. How can doctors examine patients without exposing themselves, and ultimately hundreds of other patients, some of them already immunocompromised, to the disease?

That’s why Magen David Adom in Israel unveiled its community medicine initiative, a program that will put MDA paramedics in full protective suits into patients’ homes with telemedicine equipment to provide doctors with the ability to examine patients remotely.

Using cutting-edge technology, doctors will be able to see patients in real time — and not just those suffering from coronavirus. And MDA paramedics will conduct point-of-care blood tests and share patient data with doctors immediately, so the patient’s condition can be jointly evaluated and the proper treatment rendered — whether it’s medication or evacuation to the hospital.

This is just one of the ways Magen David Adom is combatting the COVID-19 pandemic in Israel. MDA’s paramedics and EMTs are leading the way. But your support makes it possible.