The Doctor who recovered from Corona Donated Plasma to Save the Lives of Patients with the Virus


Dr. Ofer Rak, a specialist in orthopaedic surgery, recovered from the corona virus about  two weeks ago, after contracting it during a vacation in Italy. When Magen David Adom’s Blood Services contacted him to donate a plasma (the blood component that contains the antibodies to the virus) to help cure coronary patients in moderate and severe condition, Dr. Rak happily responded.

“It’s a simple process,” explained MDA Deputy Director General of Blood Services Prof. Eilat Shinar, “taking blood from a donor that has recovered from the virus, the blood enters the machine that separates the plasma component and transfers it to a special bag, with all other blood components returned to the body. The goal is to collect a volume of about 600 ml, and the process takes a total of about 40 minutes. Magen David Adom’s apheresis unit (blood separation for its components) has been operating for many years.

“This procedure is very important and can benefit Corona patients, especially in situations where there are no other treatment options available,” said Dr. Ofer Rak, who donated plasma. “The process is very, very simple. It doesn’t hurt and you don’t feel anything.

Zaki Heller

MDA spokesman