Shave off their beards

In order that they can wear protective masks safely; Hundreds of EMTs and Paramedics at MDA shave off their beards

From Metula to Eilat, hundreds of bearded EMTs and paramedics who work or volunteer at Magen David Adom have joined in the fight against Coronavirus. In order to properly wear the anti-infection protective masks, they have removed their beards.

One of the latest in the organization is the director of the Carmel region, Erez Geller, who saw great importance in providing a personal example for employees and volunteers in the area. “The removal of beard hair allows medics and paramedics to wear the mask optimally and efficiently, close to the facial skin,” Erez Geller explained.

“It was clear to me that what I expect from the employees and volunteers in the region is not easy for many, and one must live up to their principles. I removed my beards after more than 20 years. For my wife and children and to everyone who knows me, it was very strange, but I have no doubt that during this time, and doing the work that we do, this is the right decision.”

Yosef Neimark, a senior medic in MDA from the Afula area, also decided to shave off his beard for the first time in his life. “The beard has been a part of me, from the age of 16,”

He continued on to explain, “Even in the military, I had an exemption and I was not required to shave it off. At the moment, I understand the importance of public health and my own health, therefore I shaved. I feel a little weird, and I look younger too, but I do not regret it for a moment, and intend to keep my face smooth, so that I can continue to fully participate in MDA activities on the Coronavirus.”

Zaki Heller

MDA Spokesman