Magen David Adom and Clalit HMO Partner to help a Pregnant Coronavirus Patient


MDA teams were called to the home of Yuli (39), a resident of Rishon LeZion, who is in her 22nd week of pregnancy when she was concerned for her unborn baby, as she had not felt movement in some time. Yuli has corona, and her husband is hospitalized in severe condition, leaving her alone with her elder son, who has special needs and her other toddler son. When she asked to be taken to the hospital, the responding team discovered that there was no one else to watch her children while she sought treatment.

So, the MDA team, while in full protective equipment, worked for three hours to find a solution which would include providing Yuli with the appropriate medical care and keep her and her children safe. After intensive efforts, and in coordination with Clalit (Yuli’s HMO), Dr. Israel Yules, Clalit’s Head of Gynaecology, arrived at Yuli’s house to perform a full examination of Yuli and her pregnancy. The MDA team provided Dr. Yules with full protective gear to be able to assess Yuli, and he determined that both she and her unborn child are healthy.

Senior EMT, Shmil Bachar worked with MDA’s management of the Ayalon Region for nearly three hours to find a solution for Yuli and her unborn child. He recalls: “As soon as we entered the house, we understood that there are other children here who cannot be left alone. At first we thought to take the kids with her to the hospital, but her older son has special needs and uses a wheelchair. We tried to speak to welfare officials and other organizations until we were able to reach Clalit who dispatched Dr. Yules to us.”

Dr. Israel Yules, Head of Gynaecology at Clalit arrived with a Doppler device to asses the foetal heartbeat. Yuli immediately relaxed upon hearing the heartbeat, and he instructed her to be monitored at the Clalit Women’s Health Centre in Rishon Lezion. He stated: “The corona crisis has greatly challenged the medical teams and requires immediate actions under unconventional circumstances. I am proud that in this case, we were able to provide rapid care as changes in foetal movement can occasionally point to something more serious.”

Yuli ended the day with a smile on her face. She recalls, “I am glad that this had a happy ending. The MDA team was very nice and kind and waited in the protective suits for almost three hours while working to find a solution. They did everything in their power to help me. They did not give up and took great care of me. Thank God it ended with a smile.”

Zaki Heller
MDA spokesman