“Drive and Test” facilities in the north, south and Jerusalem areas


This evening (Monday March 23rd.) from 5pm till 11pm, MDA conducts a pilot test, taking swab test for detecting Coronavirus in three new locations placed by MDA and the Health Ministry: 1. the Teddy Stadium eastern parking lot, next to the Arena Sports Centre, 2. The Haifa Conference Centre, 3. The Beer Sheba Bedueen Market.

During this evening pilot activities, hundreds of people will be tested. These people are staying in home quarantine, and were summoned by MDA after developing signs and symptoms.

These three Drive and Test centres are designated to service the residents of Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, Haifa and northern Israel and residents of Beer Sheba and the southern parts of the country.

From tomorrow, the Drive and Test centres working hours will be extended.

Zaki Heller

MDA spokesman