Drive and Check


There additional locations for coronavirus swab tests will be opened by MDA

Facing the coronavirus outbreak and according with the Health Ministry guidelines, Magen David Adom in striving to increase the number of swab tests collected across the country. One Drive and Check location is already active at the Tel Aviv Ganei Yehoshua parking area; Israelis are arriving driving their private car and tested while sitting in their car.

According to the decision taken by Minister of Health, Health Ministry Director General – Moshe bar Siman Tov and MDA Director General – Eli Bin, tonight (Saturday Night) three additional Drive and Test locations will be formed in Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheba.

A message about their locations and the beginning of their activities will be published in due time

The three new locations will be formed ASAP and are expected to be active in the next few days. Like the already active Drive and Test location in TLV, in each of the new locations thousands of Israelis are expected to be tested every day. Each location will be manned MDA medical teams, Police officers and security personnel that will maintain public order. Patients that will be able to reach the Drive and Test locations, without the use of public transportation, will be tested at their home, as conducted previously up to date.

MDA points out that arriving to the Drive and Test location is subjected first to calling MDA 101 dispatch centre and receiving and approval. The swab test approval is granted by a physician; the person will receive a text message with all the details and will be asked to reach the designated Drive and Test location close to his residence at the time scheduled.

The person will arrive driving his private car; he will be identified by the QR Code, followed by the swab test taken by a well-protected MDA paramedic. Throughout the process the person will stay sitting in his car, and immediately after will drive straight back to his home.

Up to date more than 350 people were tested at the Drive and Test location in Ganei Yehoshua in Tel Aviv, and in total, since the beginning of the outbreak MDA paramedics have tested more than 14,000 people across the country.

MDA director General, Eli Bin: “Facing the struggle with the Coronavirus outbreak in Israel, we have decided with the Health Minister, the Director General of the Health ministry and the professional team members at the ministry and MDA, to dramatically increase the number of swab tests taken. MDA professional paramedics that already tested 14,000 people over the last few weeks are determined to increase their activities in spite of the overload of work and difficulties. The Drive and Test locations that has proven their effectiveness in the world are expected to increase the swab tests dramatically to the numbers we are striving to achieve. Magen David Adom will continue to do its outmost, assisting in the struggle against the coronavirus, for the good health and saving the life of the people in Israel”.

Zaki Heller

MDA spokesman