Do a good deed!


Ofira Israeli, an MDA EMT at the National Operations Centre*

In the two and a half years that I’ve been working at the National Operations Centre, I have handled dozens of calls, of accidents, resuscitations, but this was the first time I burst into tears while taking a call.

At noon today, an 85 year old, dialled the MDA 101 emergency line. He is a new immigrant who returned from Eastern Europe to Israel and lives alone in an absorption centre in Petah Tikva.

He tearfully told me that because he was in quarantine in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s instructions, he was not allowed to go out and buy basic food products for himself, and has only one potato left in his house.

Within minutes, the employees and managers at the National Operations Centre organized and collected crates of fruit, vegetables, toiletries and hot food, and a volunteer with protective suit came to his doorstep and left him full of food. Welfare officials in the municipality were updated accordingly and promised to follow-up and assist the caller.

Do a good deed for someone around you that has had his daily routine effected by corona whether it’s picking up a medication for an elderly neighbour from the pharmacy, bring a person in quarantine food and put it outside their home, walk a neighbour’s dog, and do your part for humanity.